Beginning of EMF and NM

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    Beginning of EMF and NM Empty Beginning of EMF and NM

    Post  Ruub on Tue Jul 01, 2008 3:57 pm

    Hey there!
    Writing here to story of all highpoints of EMF and the city! study

    Ok, it begun when me, Edad and Fepeuv were in IGF, an old and great guild (my most nice i've ever been in and first).
    Ryac, the guildleader went to Spain, and never came back to SWG: the guild was ran down and anyone left.
    EMF is the guild who came because we wanted to follow the path of Ryac, the old guild leader of IGF guild.
    We wanted to place the city and guild hall on Rori because it was not very populated as now.
    We had just 5 citicens. after some time Fepeuv created an alt, named 'Canderous Ordo. He was the second mayor of New Malachor. In the meantime, we recruited peoples.
    Some time later (when Edad was a jedi and I not even had JMC) we met Padmaaa. she wanted to help with the guild, joined and was one of the best fast recruiters, and because that she reached the rank of: 'Head of Elders'.
    But 'Canderous didn't showed up for a very long time unfortunatly, so the seat of Mayor was for a long time ''unseated''.
    We needed another mayor. Me and Padmaaa wanted both the mayority, but Padmaaa won because she was 12/d online (VERY unhealthy). So, After a small battle between us I admitted that she may be the mayor. In the meantime, EMF grew larger.
    But unfortunatly, Padmaaa didn't came online after a large time (for months) and the mayority was again not used.
    So, I became mayor after that time.

    Recently, we reached the 30 citicens, and the rank 4 cap, but the planet was capped (and still) so we didn't got the rank, and no shuttleport whille anyone wants that. some weeks later we got a cantina (what Pad always wanted) and we can enjoy a band on stage of entertainers by events.

    Today we are still growing and recruiting members for the guild, and hopefully become the best guild on Chimaera!


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